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GEM Premier 5000

Mã sản phẩm : GEM5000

New GEM Premier 5000 blood gas testing system provides automated quality assurance with every sample. Now with next-generation Intelligent Quality Management (iQM2), featuring new IntraSpect™ technology, potential errors are detected not only before and after, but also during sample analysis, along with real-time correction and documentation. Plus, it’s simple—just change the all-in-one GEM PAK once a month. So regardless of testing location or point-of-care operator, qualit

Real-time assurance and advanced simplicity
The GEM Premier 5000 whole blood* testing system measures blood gases, pH, electrolytes, metabolites, CO-Oximetry and more. iQM2 provides real-time assurance, the all-in-one, multi-use GEM PAK offers advanced simplicity and GEMweb Plus Custom Connectivity allows complete control of point-of-care testing.  

* Real-time quality assurance, everywhere
iQM2 with IntraSpect technology provides intelligent analyzing—automated quality assurance, continuously and in real-time, unlike traditional (auto or manual) QC offerings. With real-time detection, iQM2 performs continuous checks—before, during and after every sample. Error detection time is reduced from hours to minutes and errors automatically corrected and documented for a complete picture of quality with each and every sample.

* Advanced simplicity
All-in-one, multi-use, GEM PAK offers advanced simplicity at every point-of-care. Fully self contained, the GEM PAK automates the most labor-and skill-intensive processes and is available in multiple menu and test volume configurations, GEM PAKs have a use-life of 31-days and require no refrigeration**. They allow ultimate flexibility for point-of-care testing needs throughout the hospital.

* Management and compliance simplified
GEMweb Plus 500 Custom Connectivity is designed to simplify operator supervision and quality management with full traceability. All from a single interface, whether accessed in the lab, at the point-of-care or remotely from an analyzer, PC or tablet device, GEMweb Plus 500 provides customizable and automated functionality for complete control of analyzers and operators.

iQM2: a continuous cycle of 5 quality checks for real-time assurance.

iQM2 runs quality checks for every sample analysis, before, during and after. 
This ensures accuracy of results, regardless of point-of-care operator, time or place.

Menu and PAK configurations

Measured Analytes        
pH, pCO2, pO2, Na+, K+, Ca++, Cl–, Glu, Lac, Hct, tHb, O2Hb, COHb, MetHb, HHb, tBili, sO2‡

Derived (Calculated) Parameters
BE(B), BE(ecf), tHb(c), Ca++ (7.4), Anion gap (AG), P/F ratio, pAO2, CaO2, CvO2, p50, O2cap, sO2(c), O2ct, HCO3 – std, TCO2, HCO3 – (c), A-aDO2, paO2/pAO2, RI, CcO2, a-vDO2, Qsp/Qt (est), Qsp/Qt, Hct(c)

Test volumes
75, 100, 150, 300, 450, 600**

Menu options:
Blood Gas, Hct, tHb, O2Hb, HHb, COHb, MetHb, sO2, tBili***
Blood Gas, Electrolytes, Hct, tHb, O2Hb, HHb, COHb, MetHb, sO2, tBili***
Blood Gas, Electrolytes, Glu, Lac, Hct, tHb, O2Hb, HHb, COHb, MetHb, sO2, tBili***

*   heparinized
**  31-day onboard use-life, except 600-test PAK which has 21-days.
*** PAKs available with or without tBili.
ꭞ    sO2 = O2Hb/O2Hb+HHb