Smiths Medical introducing three new product innovations

Smiths Medical introducing three new product innovations


December 08, 2017
In September, we made you aware of a cybersecurity common vulnerability and exposure (CVE) that had potential impact to the Medfusion® 4000 devices.

 We would like to inform you that we are releasing our Medfusion® 4000 pump firmware update (Version 1.6.1) to eliminate the identified CVE. The pump firmware update is available now to all current Medfusion® 4000 customers at no charge, and all new Medfusion® 4000 orders shipped after December 15 will have the V1.6.1 software. To place an order, please contact your account manager.

There will be no visible changes to infusion delivery impacting clinicians and healthcare providers with this firmware update. This is a cybersecurity CVE patch; there is NO impact to patient care or clinical use.

The safety of your patients and cybersecurity of our devices is of paramount importance and remains our unwavering commitment to you. Please contact your local Smiths Medical representative if you have questions or concerns about the software security update. For additional information you may also contact Smiths Medical at: 1-214-618-0218 or 1-800-258-5361.

Thank you for being a Smiths Medical Medfusion® 4000 pump customer. We greatly appreciate and value your trust in Smiths Medical and our products.

Brett Landrum
Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, R&D



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